The 39 Steps


The 39 Steps is a 1959 British thriller film which starred Kenneth More and Taina Elg, a remake of a 1935 Hitchcock film loosely based on the novel written by John Buchan.

This classic spy thriller The 39 Steps has been recreated for the stage. It was the Winner of the Laurence Olivier award for best comedy in 2007 and was awarded 2 Tony Awards in 2008. It is now acclaimed as the longest running show in the Criterion theatre’s 137 year history. The production has grossed over 20 million pounds since it opened in 2006.

Notably just 4 actors play 139 roles in this intriguing who dun-nit! This production is not only intriguing, inventive and including a chase on the Flying Scotsman, an escape on the Forth Bridge, but also the first theatrical bi-plane crash ever staged with a death defying finale!

The show features the frightfully handsome Richard Hannay as the hero who encounters murders, secret agents and not forgetting beautiful women. A classic spy thriller running for 100 minutes of gripping comedy and fast paced action. Set in 1914 when Europe is close to war and spies are everywhere Richard Hannay returns from Rhodesia to his flat in London to begin a new life. A chance encounter with an American who is in fact a spy changes Hannays future! Scudder the spy fakes his own death to avert suspicion whilst following a ring of German spies who are trying to steal British plans for the forthcoming war. Hannay lets Scudder hide in his flat. A suicide occurs in the building, not Scudders’. However four days later Hannay returns to the flat and finds Scudder dead.

Hannay realises the police suspect him and decides to go into hiding. Taking Scudders pocket book with him he escapes to scotland where he deciphers the code. His various disguises and adventures lead him along a treacherous road to reveal the meaning of the phrase “the thirty nine” steps.

Our hero Mr Hannay must solve this mystery to acquit himself of murder and save King and country!

Cast Information:
Ellie Beaven of the RSC plays the three women in Hannays life.
Several theatre credits including Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Barbican) A Mad World my Masters, Titus Andronicus, Candide,
TV performances including Eastenders, My Family, Holby City, Casualty.
Film roles: Les Miserables, Buster and Arthurs Dyke.

Ben Righton in the role of our hero.
Theatre roles include: Stanhope in Journeys End, Prince Richard in King of Hearts, Northanger Abbey.
TV work including Doctor Who, Bones, Poirot, Joe Maddison’s War, Lewis and Law and Order.
Films including: A Good Year, Flawless, Into the Storm, Cuckoo and The Patrol.

Greg Haiste trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
Theatre credits include: A Christmas Carol, The Play What I Wrote (Morecambe and Wise inspired) Hamlet and The Accrington Pals, The Madness of George III.
Film and TV roles: See How They Run, Heartbeat, Jane Hall, Emmerdale and Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor.
Radio includes the Writers’ Guild Award-wining BBC Radio 4 comedy Fags, Mags and Bags.
Greg also writes and performs as not the female half of the character comedy double act Haiste and Lawrence.

Nick Holder’s theatre performances include: London Road, South Pacific, Sweeney Todd, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Drowsy Chaperne, Jesus Christ superstar, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon (West End).
TV roles include: Parade’s End, The Game, By any means, Some Girls, Holby city Doctors, Eastenders, London’s Burning and The Fast Show.
Films include: Les Miserables, The World’s End, Anna Karenina, Broken, Clubbed, Lady Godiva, Back in the Saddle, Evita.

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