Azarius Kratom Review

Azarius is an online kratom supplier who started its website a few years ago with the purpose of spreading information and knowledge on kratom. Later on, the vendor got associated with supplying kratom products too. They believe in transparent business and post information regarding every product. The vendor has acquired a positive rank among users.

Azarius is purely Holland-based online company and provides kratom products in various forms to target multiple users at a time. Their amazing variety astonishes the customers and at the same time also makes them feel satisfied.

Their variety in the kratom forms consists of kratom powder, capsules, extracts, tinctures, resin, tea bags, and compact bar. However, each product is available in different sizes and the prices also depend on the quantities.

Azarius doesn’t have any proof regarding their products are lab tested or not and they also don’t claim. However, they have started a program called as Test Team. this approach is very efficient as it grabs ordinary users to sign up and test its products. This wise technique let them grab customers and gain positive results from them directly.

The brand has quality in its products which can be checked through customer reviews and team test program.

Product Packaging

Azarius Kratom packages its products in a simple way but at the same time, tha packaging is also attractive. Mostly, products are seal packed in packages and bottles to maintain freshness. This packaging let the product delivered and managed on the way easily and safely. Moreover, there is another packaging offered for products, which is discreet packaging that maintains the privacy of the customer’s product. On these packaging, there is no sign of any information, only two things are mentioned which are the addresses of the recipients and the vendor.

Shipping at Azarius

Their shipping process takes some time. Product shipping feature is only available for Europeon countries. Moreover, this brand also don’t ship to the europeon countries where kratom is illegal. There are different options available for different countries. Priority shipping option is also provides which might takes more than 1 to 2 working days for shipping products.

There is another option available which is premium Shipping which involves shipping within 1 to 2 days. However, this shipping option is only enabled for some of the countries such as Croatia, Estonia, etc.

Kratom Alternatives

This company not only offers kratom but you can also see kratom alternatives here. You can first look at the category which is Salvia divinorum and extracts. The prices in this category are 6 euros to 50 euros.

In kratom alternatives, there are also many varieties in the forms and these forms are provided in different quantities. These forms include powder, extracts, leaves, and compact bars, etc.

Their is another mentioned category which is Kanna and in this form, there are many forms such as powder, seed, extract, and e-liquids, etc. the price set for this category lies between 1 euro to 40 euros.

There is another category which is CBD. typically, CBD is available in the form of oil, but here it is also provided in the forms of jells, powder, capsules, and liquids, etc.