Different Strains Of kratom | Which One is The Best Strain?

Kratom is blended with a different panorama of colors. There is a dispute between the people related to the different colors of Kratom. Some people believe that the different colors of kratom are due to their different types. There is also a group of people who believe that the different leaves of kratom are responsible for the difference in their colors. Some believe that all kratom have same colors which are totally wrong.


Different colors of Kratom:

 Following are the main colors in which kratom comes.

  • Red veined Kratom
  • White veined kratom
  • Green veined kratom

The main reason for these color appearance is vein present in the middle.

Red Veined Kratom Leaf:

Red veined kratom leaf is a type of kratom which has red colored stem and veins. It is popular and formidable. Red veined kratom is very useful and can be very effective for us. Some of the pleasant effects are mentioned below:


  • It reliefs agony and pang.
  • It helps to heighten the bad mood.
  • It helps to become social
  • It helps to sleep better

Red veined kratom is useful but can leave some negative impacts on our health and body. Some of those are mentioned below:

  • It leads to perturbation.
  • It can cause shortness of breath
  • It may lead to an irregular heartbeat.

The reason for these side effects is just a high dose of it.
White veined kratom Leaf:

White veined kratom is another type of kratom. Its white color is due to the vein present in their middle. White-veined kratom has many positive effects o our health and body. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It increases our stamina
  • It makes us cheerful
  • It boosts up our energy
  • It refreshes our mood

It is very common that some people mix white veined kratom with red-veined kratom in order to achieve more energy.

Green Veined Kratom Leaf:

The third and the most commonly used Kratom is Green Veined Kratom. Its color is due to the presence of vein in the center and the color of its stem. Just like Red and White veined kratom, Green Veined Kratom is of great use and have positive effects on our body and health. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It helps to freshen our mood
  • It helps to heighten up our energy
  • The confidence level is increased
  • Social behavior is improved

On the other hand, a high dosage of it can lead to negative impacts on our body and health. Those effects are mentioned below:

  • It may lead to sleeplessness
  • It may cause the dryness of mouth
  • It may cause gastric issues

The colors of Kratom really matters because different color kratom will always have different properties. The color difference is due to the presence of the vein in the center and colored stem. Each different color Kratom has a different chemical composition as well.


Different colors of Kratom have different effects. Therefore, before deciding which color of Kraton you are going to use, you should first read all the effects and side effects on the body and health. In this way, you will be able to use that Kraton which will satisfy your need.