Facts You Should Know before you buy kratom


Mitragyna speciosa,” also known as Kratom is a tropical evergreen plant who native origin is credited to south-east Asia. This tree is a cousin to the coffee plant and has long been used as both a stimulant and a sedative within the region.

It is reported that thai men chew the plant’s leaves, to keep up with the intense physical labour demands. Additionally, this tree has been applied to treat digestive ailments, chronic pains and help in the withdrawal from the addiction to opium.

Why it is used?

Kratom works similar to a stimulant in low dosages. Individuals that have used it in such quantities have reported having more energy, increased alertness and increased social ability.

Using it at relatively high dosages has reported effects similar to a sedative consequently leading to euphoric effects and muffling sensations and emotions.

The key components in kratom are alkaloids. These compounds, i.e. 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are reported to lead to effects that are pain-relieving (analgesic), muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, kratom gal is frequently applied to ease fibromyalgia symptoms.

How it is used?

The dark green leaves from the tree are normally dried first. They are then crushed or powdered to a light brown or green colour. These powders contain other plants extracts as well.

Kratom pack can be found in either capsule, tablet or paste form. In some countries, this plant is usually brewed to make a tea that is used for the control and management of opioid withdrawal or pain.

How does it make you feel?

The chemical properties in kratom lead to binding opioid receptors. For this reason, this compound has been applied as a possible cure for individuals addicted to an opiate. The datum that Kratom is seen as a “mild” drug means that it can be effectively used to wean individuals off the “hard” drugs.

The regular use of kratom will eventually result in the loss of weight, fatigue and other health risks

Is it addictive?

To this advantage, is a slight drawback. The same properties in kratom that establish its detox property also create a risk of potential addiction to users.

What are the side effects?

  • Increase alertness
  • Improved sociability

Is it legal?

Kratom is legal in countries such as the United States. It is however not legal in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Austria and other European countries.

Around the US, kratom campaigns sell this drug in medicine stores as an alternative or a supplement of a medicine.

Conclusions about Kratom

In the United States with exception of Indiana, kratom is a legal item. While regulatory bodies have listed it as an item of concern, its use has not been categorized under the controlled substance act.

Kratom should be used in small quantities. Despite the fact that it is proving to be helpful especially for a number of health-related cases, overuse of this compound could result in the exchange of one addictive behaviour for another.