What is Indo Kratom and what are Its Uses?

Indo Kratom is the strain of kratom that grows wild in most parts of Indonesia. However, as its demand in the global market soars, many farmers are now cultivating the herb in their plantations. Just like other varieties, Indo kratom possesses several medicinal properties such as pain relief, sedation, and mood enhancement, even though these effects can vary depending on the plant and the color of its veins. High-quality Indo Kratom strains are popular with Kratom users as they are reported to cause much fewer side effects compared to other strains like Bali.

Varieties of Indo Kratom

There are three varieties of Indo Kratom: white vein Indo, red vein Indo, and the super green Indo. These varieties are distinguished by the color of the central veins in the leaves. Here is a detailed guide to the three varieties and the benefits associated with each.

Red Vein Indo

Just as its name suggests, the red vein Indo is identified using the characteristic red color of the central veins of its leaves. It is indigenous to Bali and Borneo regions of Indonesia. The leaves of Red Vein Indo Kratom contain the highest concentration of mitragynine alkaloid, making them suitable for the treatment of anxiety and stress. Mitragynine alleviates the conditions that cause intense stress and inspires a feeling of relaxation. It can, therefore, be used by people who desire to achieve an optimistic attitude, undisturbed sleep, complete muscle relaxation, relief from worry, and pleasant skin sensations. Red vein Indo is also analgesic; hence it can be used for pain relief. However, if you are looking for a stimulating rather than a sedating solution, you might opt for its counterpart, the white vein strain.

White Vein Indo

The White Vein variety of Indonesian Kratom is known for producing an array of effects. It is grown in Sumatra, Borneo, and Aceh regions; and the different climates in these areas are responsible for the various properties of the White Vein Indo. This strain has the highest content of 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid and is, therefore, suitable for mood enhancement and improving one’s communication skills. It is also recommended for those who want increased focus and energy boosts for optimal productivity. The Sumatra type is also associated with sexual arousal.

Super Green Indo

‘Super’ Green Indo Kratom is named for its potency and method of production. During the manufacturing process, the largest leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant are selected and ground. Because of their enormous size, these leaves are highly concentrated in alkaloids; thus they seem to be more potent than average-sized leaves. Super Green Indo is unique because it possesses the characteristic of both white vein Indo kratom and the red vein Indo, but the dominant properties vary depending on the plant. Generally, this strain is widely used to relieve different sorts of pain and for relaxation. It also provides heightened alertness and a feeling of being highly focused. At optimum doses, super green Indo kratom induces mild euphoria and mood elevation, making it popular with recreational users.

Side Effects

Unwanted side effects due to the use of Indo kratom are rare, and they are mostly associated with the low-quality Indo strains. These undesirable effects include nausea and wobbles and to avoid them you should ensure that you buy your Indo kratom from highly regarded sellers.